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Current legislation is affecting the LGBTQIA+ community, as they continue to face discrimination in their daily lives. More states are drafting and passing laws targeting transgender and non-binary people.  It’s more important than ever to book Greg R. Baird for your next event.  Greg has been a lecturer, educator, novice filmmaker, and social advocate for LGBTQ+ civil rights for 29 years.

An engaging & motivating speaker with heart, humor, and passion, Greg has spoken to audiences on topics such as diversity, inclusion, equity, community, peace, & anti-hate. He is a powerful voice for the LGBTQ+ community. Greg’s message is inclusive for all audiences. Audiences have commented on how they felt engaged and motivated during his program.

His unique storytelling, sensitivity, and passion shine through on how to be a positive influence in your community, embracing equity and how one person can create a change in their life and the lives of others. Greg's audience will be educated on the importance of being an ally and a mentor in our communities.               

Greg worked as Executive Producer of a documentary about the gay hate murder of University of Wyoming college student, Matthew Shepard.  A topic that Greg often speaks about.  He also directed and edited his own short memorial film titled, “2:02 AM” about the timeline of the Pulse Nightclub shooting.  The film shares Greg’s experience at Pulse on three different visits while filming.  The short film has been viewed across the globe virtually and in person during his lecture program on Erasing Hate and Bigotry.

In the summer of 2018, Greg was the keynote speaker at Aetna Insurance in Hartford, Connecticut for their Signature Pride Event.  He can be seen in a documentary titled, “Fish Out of Water” which explores what the Bible really says about being LGBTQIA+.  He is acknowledged for contributing to Dr. Ruth Westheimer’s book, A Guide to College Life. Greg is mentioned in Liliane Colburn's book; The Green Room; A Mother's Truth and also contributed a few stories in the books Tell Me About It 2: LGBTQ Secrets, Confessions, and Life Stories and Tell Me About It 3 by historians of LGBTQ life, St Sukie de la Croix and Owen Keehnen

In January 2020, Greg delivered a powerful keynote address at the Rotary World Peace Conference in Ontario, CA to help create lasting change, acceptance, and peace for LGBTQ+ communities around the world.

He is currently writing a powerful biography about stories from his life.  Greg's biography will be a journey of his life spanning his childhood, career & so much more!

Greg has a social media following and produces a weekly vlog on YouTube. His engaging programs offer our LGBTQ+ communities, allies, workplaces & schools new ways of allyship, anti-hate, connecting, compassion, and hope.

Love wins!

Hello and welcome to the official Greg R. Baird website.  I am a Global LGBTQIA+ Lecturer, humanitarian, writer and activist.

Take time to look around at my website highlighting my interesting life and career.  I would love to come and visit your next event with my inclusive and engaging lecture program.  I enjoy meeting with your corporation, company, higher education and community.

I can work with you in getting the program you want.  I customize every lecture so it is the best program for your community.  Please look at the Lecture Program Topics page for more information.  For your added educational purposes, there is also a Learning Objectives page.

Disarming Hate & Bigotry:  Building an Accepting & Inclusive Community

Greg R. Baird

Global Lecturer on LGBTQIA+ Civil Rights, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging