Greg R. Baird

National Lecturer on LGBTQ Civil Rights & Equality 

Lecture Programs & Storytelling Events

General Information on all lectures

Available Formats:  Lecture, Lecture Series, Classroom Visits, Pride Events, Residence Hall Training, Faculty & Staff Training, Conferences, Corporations and Workshops.

Target Audience(s):  LGBTQA students, Faculty. Administrators, Student Affairs Staff & other Professionals, Residence Life Students, Fraternity, Sorority Communities and Professional Staff, Admissions Office Staff, Student and Professional Staff, Local community and clubs.

Here is a list of programs for my 2019-2020 lecture tour.  I can speak on a combination of these topics for one program, or I can concentrate on just one.  I am also available to lecture to classes while I am visiting your campus and enjoy meeting with students, faculty, and staff at no extra cost to your program needs.  Please make sure when you are booking with my agency that you request in advance that you would like me to visit any campus classroom or organizations. Above all, I want you to have a successful event for your school and community!


  • Disarming Hate & Bigotry:  Building an Accepting & Inclusive Community

Community, acceptance, and inclusion are now more important in our country than ever. This multi-media lecture will discuss and engage the audience on hate & bigotry in our community, schools, work, and the internet. Greg will also have a conversation about the shooting at Pulse Night Club that left 49 dead and 53 injured. This will also include a short film directed and edited by Greg titled “2:02 A.M.” The lecture will share how we can be proactive to heal, educate and embrace inclusion.  This is a very important and timely lecture. Your audience will remember this presentation long after it's over.

  • Discovering Your Legacy & Being a Voice of Change in your Life

When I am traveling all over the U.S.A, I ask several questions to my audience to think about.  what will your legacy be?   What will people remember you for?  What are you doing to foster a positive & healthy community?  This program will inspire and motivate the entire audience on how the power one person has to make a difference in the lives of so many.   I will share stories and personal anecdotes that will inspire the audience to leave my lecture wanting to create change personally and within their own community.  This is a multi-media lecture and focuses on the many unique events from my own life and the incredible people who are making positive changes in their communities.

  • A Conversation of Equality 

This lecture is designed to discuss with the audience the road to equality and how that progress will affect everyone.  My presentation will engage LGBTQ and straight allies to talk with friends, neighbors, and relatives to discuss concerns in a direct, honest and engaging road for change. Understanding full equality doesn't just include the freedom to marry, but housing, employment, healthcare, Trans issues, bullying and homeless gay youth.  Your campus community will learn how to embrace an inclusive student body to inspire success and acceptance through education and social activities.  This unique presentation will share heartfelt and humorous stories to leave you motivated and give all audiences the insight on how unconditional love and acceptance benefits everyone.

  • AfterMatt: Matthew Shepard & Laramie, Wyoming (Classroom, Lecture Hall or Addressing Theater Students)

In this multi-media presentation, I will share with you my personal experience from the gay hate murder of Matthew Shepard and how Matt's legacy is still inspiring people all over the world.  I will also share with you first hand, details, and myths from that horrible hate crime that changed the lives of so many.  I will also discuss my several visits to Laramie, WY, filming a documentary and the many wonderful folks that I have met in my journey of sharing Matt's story.

  • An evening of LGBTQ Storytelling with Greg R. Baird

All new for the 2019-2020 lecture season, my book (currently in progress) about stories from my life is a humorous and moving event for all audiences.  This storytelling program is packed full of stories from my life. From being adopted and having another adopted brother who is gay, living in a small town, being shipped off to a military boarding school, being a creative child who walked to the beat of a different drummer, emulating 1960's and 70's TV shows to horrible dates, anecdotes on life, my personal journey and following your legacy. This one-man show is hysterical, emotional, thought-provoking and perfect for any event.