Greg R. Baird

Global Lecturer on LGBTQIA+ Civil Rights, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

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  • We have had great presentations in the past, but Greg’s presentation helped create conversations afterward. The presentation helped define what an ally is and how to easily navigate pronouns. He struck some hard truths but made the overall message light and all about being kind to everyone. Thank you, Greg!”

Gabriel Vasquez  He/Him/His)

Community Activation Partner

  •  "Greg, I only met you once for a few hours during a lecture you gave at WVU Parkersburg but your words

​​ continue to inspire me. Thank you for all you do."

​Alice M. Harris

Executive Vice President of Finance & Administration

West Virginia University at Parkersburg​

  • “Greg creates an inclusive, comfortable space right off the bat. From humble beginnings, Greg shared his personal story, overcoming adversity, and the importance of allyship. You can’t help but want to do more for the LGBTQ+ community following a lecture from Greg.”

Matt Silva, Manager Associate Experience

ADUSA Distribution​

“Greg Baird’s lecture was funny, uplifting, and heart-wrenching at times. He touched on many great LGBTQ+ topics, and I never felt like I was being “talked at.” Everyone can benefit from listening to him, especially those that are allies of the LGBTQ+ community or want to become better allies. Our organization is on a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion journey, and Greg propelled that journey forward in the right direction.”

– Heather Evans, Talent Programs Manager
ADUSA Distribution

  • “Greg Baird’s ability to uplift and educate through storytelling is truly inspiring. He was just what our department needed. He provided magnificent insight into what it means to be an ally and the importance of having positive and uplifting people around you that embraces who you are. Thank you so much, Mr. Baird.”
    Greg, you were amazing and on behalf of the CA-Department of Child Support Services, I thank you!

- Andre Lockett

​Chief Equity Officer

California Department of Child Support Services​


  • “An Ally is a Co-conspirator” Greg R. Baird
    I initially heard about Greg from a LinkedIn post featuring LGBTQ+ lecturers. A few months later, the city had the pleasure of hosting two presentations by Greg, Being a Voice for Change and Disarming Hate & Bigotry: Building an Inclusive & Accepting Community. Both presentations were heartfelt, and informative, with just the right amount of humor.  We continue to get very positive feedback from attendees (city staff & community members) and look forward to working with Greg again!

- Stefanie Bowers
Human Rights Coordinator & Equity Director
City of Iowa City

  • I highly recommend hiring Greg as a guest speaker for your upcoming event. With over 28 years of experience as a lecturer, educator, writer, and social activist, Greg is an engaging speaker who can deliver a powerful message to your audience. Greg's lectures on topics such as equal rights, inclusion, acceptance, community, peace, and anti-hate/bullying are inclusive for all audiences, and his message offers hope, compassion, and understanding. He has a unique ability to connect with his audience and make them feel engaged and connected, rather than talked at. His storytelling, sensitivity, and passion will tug at the heartstrings of your audience, while also making them laugh and feel motivated to create change in their own communities. As an important voice of the LGBTQ and straight Ally community, Greg's lecture is a reminder of the importance of respecting and educating each other in all communities. He will inspire your audience to be active role models and mentors in their own communities and to create positive change in their own lives and the lives of others. Overall, Greg would be an excellent choice as a guest speaker for your event. His unique perspective and message of hope and change will leave a lasting impact on your audience, and his engaging and humorous style will keep them entertained and motivated throughout the entire presentation.

     - Nadia Ibrahim-Taney, MA. M.Ed. (she, her, hers)
    Assistant Professor | Information Technology & Cybersecurity
    College of Cooperative Education and Professional Studies | University of Cincinnati​


  • ​I am an avid sports fan so, here are a couple of analogies about your presentation. “Touchdown”, “Slam Dunk”, “Home Run”, “Hat Trick”, “Goal!!!!!!!!!”.  It was heart-wrenching and inspiring.  I really loved it and so did my other 950+ attendees.  I pray that our paths will cross again.
    Thanks again for your time and your commitment to the causes.

- Joseph (JT)  A. Taylor
Sr. Industry Consultant

  • “Greg’s presentation was engaging, enlightening, thought-provoking, and personal.  It made a huge difference in how the information he provided was processed.  Having him speak with us here at Manhattan was truly a wonderful experience, and we hope to have him back soon!”​

- Shade Douglas | PSO Consultant – WMOS (She/Her)
Manhattan Associates, Inc.

  • “Greg is an engaging and passionate speaker on the topic of LGBTQ+, hate, and allyship. The information and personal stories he shared provided much food for thought for our employees, who found the one hour we spent together very meaningful.”

 - Alisia Gill

Chief People Officer
EmpiRx Health LLC

  • Greg’s session was open, honest, and thought-provoking. Anyone who wants to play a role in understanding and supporting diversity and inclusivity will benefit from spending time with Greg.​​

- JehanZeb Noor


                                                                                     Smiths Medical

  • Greg provided a virtual session to our team focused on LGBTQ+ allyship. His combination of personal stories and information regarding current events created a comforting environment for what can be hard conversations. His message on the ally spectrum was a great way of helping our employees better understand where they are at being an ally and what they can do to become better allies.

                                                                                       - Ben Owens 

                                                                             Human Resources Manager

                                                                                      Smiths Medical

  • I wanted to thank you again for your time in speaking with colleagues from Smiths Medical this evening. I chair the Smiths Group LGBTQ+ employee network from London and was hugely inspired by your words.​

                                                                                    - Chris Percival  
                                                                 Business Excellence & Group Operations

Smiths Group
London Area, United Kingdom

  • ​We have had many speakers at Egnyte, but only some leave the marks, and one of them is Greg Baird. He was the ideal speaker for Pride Month. He hit on many important subjects that benefited everyone listening, it brought us all together as one, even if it was just for an hour! Greg is highly recommended for corporate events for education, inclusion, allyship, and beyond.
                                                                                    - Ashley White

Employee Engagement and Talent Brand Marketing Manager


  • It was a pleasure having you! I was truly captivated throughout the entire presentation and learned to have a greater appreciation for looking forward while still remembering the past. A difficult thing to overcome is how to create an environment where people feel welcome and I think you did a great job sharing tips on how to be a better ally. I also appreciated your recognition that everyone is in a different place right now in regards to how comfortable they are sharing who they are as well as those who are not part of the community and the different backgrounds they may have as well. It is easy to name-call and get angry or dismiss those that may not agree with differing lifestyles but you truly demonstrated how education and understanding can be way more meaningful and bring people together. I am glad people reached out to you directly and shared their gratitude. Thank you!

- Silvia Vasquez

Underwriter I| Risk Management
Everest Insurance

  •  ​I could not be happier with the event.  Greg Baird’s virtual presentation on Disarming Hate & Bigotry was amazing. Greg had a mix of tips, history, and humor to keep the event moving smoothly. I can’t wait to work with him again in the future!

                                                             Program Coordinator, Student Involvement                                                                                                                                             Lindenwood University                                                                               St. Charles, MO 

  • ​Greg Baird’s presentation Disarming Hate & Bigotry: Building an Accepting & Inclusive Community was emotional and inspiring. Greg is personable and relatable, speaking about his upbringing and family with raw honesty and humor. He shared about the coping mechanisms and strength that he developed throughout his childhood and young adult life that have made him into the man he is today. One of the points that Greg made in his talk that resonated with me the most was that our past experiences and stories make us who we are today. Sharing these experiences with those in our lives and not being ashamed of them, however painful they may be, strengthen our relationships and relatability to one another. You never know how sharing your own story may affect another person. Greg’s tribute film to the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, titled 2:02 a.m., is both devastating and heartwarming, and beautifully put together. It was an honor to meet you, Greg, hear your story, learn from you, and be filled with pride for everything you have done in schools and communities across the country. Thank you.


- Sarah Biskup

Programming Librarian

Petoskey District Library

Petoskey, MI 

  • Thank you so much for your thought-provoking presentation at Art-Reach.  I heard a lot of positive feedback from those in attendance as they were leaving the presentation. Comments included “Thank you for bringing such a wonderful presentation to our community!” and “This was a great presentation and film!” I was thrilled to see so many in attendance and to see faces in the audience who are not regular attendees of our programs.
    On a personal note, the presentation was very articulate, showed fabulous statistics and I was especially moved by your film on the Pulse nightclub shooting. I found your presentation very moving and at times disturbing, given the statistics shared. This is a presentation that should be mandatory for middle and high school students, teachers/administrators and those in municipality governance. Thank you for your time and efforts! Fondly, Amy

                                                                                  - Amy C. Powell, M.A.
                                                                                     Executive Director
                                                                               Art-Reach of Mid Michigan                                                                                                                                                            Mt. Pleasant, MI

  • "Greg was outstanding with my eleventh graders in our civic engagement program. He got these kids wondering, questioning, and thinking about what they can do to stop the hate, educate the bystander, and to embrace the horrific consequences of hate crimes. Greg has a natural ability to connect with these kids and He left us in tears, smiling, and hopeful that he is here to be an agent of change with his work surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion."

                                                                                   - Andy J. Bigelow
                                                                             History Department Chair 
                                                                              Francis W. Parker School
                                                                                         Chicago, IL

  • Greg was a pleasure to have on our campus. His message was very inclusive and applicable to people in all walks of life. I also appreciate that Greg made himself available outside of his presentation to meet and talk on a personal level with our students and staff. Thank you!  

 - Taylor Osmotherly
Associate Director 
Residence Life

  Chadron State College

  •  It was a great pleasure to spend time with Greg at our university.   His presentation was inspiring and extremely relevant for our students, faculty, and staff. His love and respect for others were truly evident in his talk, but also in his interactions with attendees before and after the event. Our Lambda Gay-Straight alliance student group especially enjoyed his presentation and the time they spent with him afterward. We need more people like Greg in this world who are passionate about the equality and civil rights of all people and who are not afraid to speak their truth and encourage others to do the same.

- Elizabeth Honeycutt, M.A.

Administrative Associate, Counseling, and Psychology
Tennessee Tech University

  • Greg’s presentation on “Disarming Hate & Bigotry” was filled with stories that educate, inform and inspire.  His talk was personal and heartwarming.  We all laughed, some cried but we were all inspired.  I was personally moved by his short memorial film titled “2:02 am,” about the horrific Pulse Night Club shootings.  His film captures some of the news coverage from the shooting along with images from his visit to the site.  Beautifully done.                             Greg’s messages of hope and positivity will lead to a better world.  Thank you, Greg.  

- Steven Solomon

Senior Annual Giving Officer with the Rotary Foundation

Evanston, IL

  • Greg was an amazing storyteller. It’s so important to revisit our painful history while also focusing on how to create more inclusive environments and disrupt the cycle of bigotry. Quite moving!

- Orson Morrison, Owner/Psychologist

LifeSpan Counseling and Psychological Services, LLP, Oak Park, IL

  • On behalf of the Aetna team, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you again for making the trip to Hartford to share your program and incredibly powerful video on Wednesday at headquarters. I know you’ve had several people reach out to connect on social media and at the same time, we’ve received many messages from colleagues near and far expressing gratitude for bringing such an inspirational speaker to Aetna for our signature series. Keep doing what you’re doing—it’s certainly making a difference in the lives of many.   

- Michael Furstenberg, Vice Chair
Angle, Aetna’s Network for LGBT and Ally Employees


  • Greg’s approach was unbiased and unambiguous. Our community came together: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Allies to learn how to “Disarm Hate and Bigotry” in and around our communities. 
    The audience was engaged and witnessed how other minorities face discrimination, on what seems to be a daily basis. He included a comprehensive history of how sexual orientation and gender identity fit into a complex social structure.  The capstone of the evening was Greg’s documentary of the Orlando Massacre at Pulse Night Club, titled “2:02 AM,” to show why action over inaction needs to prevail. 


- Shawn M Williams, President 

Lee County LGBTQA Democratic Caucus,  Ft. Myers, FL

  • Greg is a very passionate, engaging speaker. This presentation was educational, interesting, and inspiring.  I saw some things I wasn’t aware of—things that were eye-opening and have inspired me to do more.  This was an excellent presentation and his short memorial film, "2:02 AM" about the Pulse Nightclub shooting was beautifully done.               It teaches all of us to never forget and learn from our history so it never happens again.

- Student audience member

West Virginia University - Parkersburg, Parkersburg, WV


  • Greg Baird has a valuable message with practical advice on how to interact on social media in a positive manner and to become an active participant in improving climate as opposed to being a passive bystander.  The Pulse Nightclub film had a tangible effect on the audience; parents, staff, and students alike.  You could see everyone put themselves in the shoes of a mother, victim, witness, or friend connected with that tragedy, and the true resonance in the audience that something has to be done to prevent similar actions from ever repeating.

- Mandy R. Stewart, Ph.D.
Principal- Petoskey High School

  • Greg Baird is an extraordinarily dynamic speaker who engages audiences on a variety of urgent LGBTQ issues including bullying, the importance of sports inclusion, and the impact of mentorship for students. Greg was our keynote speaker at the Learn, Play, Be: Symposium on K12 Sports Inclusion and Bullying at Eastern Michigan University in March of 2015. His address should be heard by every teacher, as it is extremely important to be educated about vulnerable populations. He is professional, dependable, and absolutely flexible.  He is a must-have for your school.

- Nina Brennan
Associate Director
Equality Research Center
Eastern Michigan University

  • Greg's lecture helped reveal to me some of the struggles that adolescents and college students face in America, whether they are different because of whom they choose to love, the friends they choose to have, the subjects they study, or the way they look.  Even though I too have experienced the effects of prejudice in my life, I have found it is easy to become complacent in my worldview and to gloss over prejudice that affects other human beings daily.  Greg's presentation reminded me that it is important to remember the stories of our friends, of ourselves, and of others who have experienced similar hatred and rejection and to remember that hatred, and to combat it with love for ourselves and for those around us, regardless of their color, creed, national origin or sexual orientation.

- Lillian Tourney

Grants Division

Rotary Foundation

Rotary International

Evanston, IL

  • Greg Baird's presentation provided our students with a compassionate and realistic perspective of how stereotypes, bullying and hate crimes impact the victim, the community, and the perpetrators of these acts.  Greg provided insight into how we can each do our part to build community and safe spaces for each of us to be who we are.  He was generous and very engaging with our students, who didn't want the presentation to end.  Our campus would definitely have Greg Baird back and plan for him to stay longer with our students next time.  Thanks, Greg for a great presentation!

                                                                             - Chesney Colson

Coordinator of Diversity & Inclusion

Minnesota State Community and Technical College

Moorhead, MN

  •  I just want to take a moment to thank you for last night and all that you do by just being who you are and following the path given to you in this life. I left a better person than I was when I walked in the door. The presentation was chock full of goodies. But the sparkling gem that is forever in my heart is the shining example of everything you spoke of became crystal clear in your responses to the only person who had questions for you at the end.

                                                                             - Cheri Bogan                                                                                                                                                     Audience member  Petoskey, MI

We attended Greg's lecture in our small, rural Northern Michigan town of Cadillac, Michigan.  We were so grateful Greg came up to share his view on diversity, acceptance, and love for all.  We found Greg's lecture to be deeply moving and conscious building.  There were laughs, tears, and thought-provoking conversations after.  Because it was the 15th anniversary of Matthew Shepard's passing and close to five years since we lost our son to peer abuse-driven suicide, we are acutely aware of the need for compassion and kindness in this world.  Greg's gifts include being able to share his experiences, relate well to others, and facilitate meaningful dialogue for moving forward in this world.  We are grateful and thankful to see Greg's lecture and to now call him a friend.  We would recommend that you bring him to your community.

    - Pk and Tom Harrison, parents of Alex C. Thomas Harrison (12/15/1992-2/7/2009)

    See it, Hear it, STOP IT!

    • The Athletics Director said you were "Great", and all the feedback on your lecture was positive.  I thought it was an energetic address on bullying, diversity, the LGBTQ community, and acceptance based on both your experience and research.  It not only held the attention of a diverse audience but more importantly educated our students and student-athletes alike.  I thought it was well worth the legwork, which you and Bass-Schuler Entertainment made extremely easy through consistent, open communication.  I'd recommend Greg Baird to any student affairs practitioners looking to educate on the topics of anti-bullying and LGBTQ awareness.

    - Ryan McCarthy

    Sports Information Director

    Lesley University

    • Greg's lecture last night was extraordinary! The message that Greg delivered was poignant and timely in light of the recent bullying events across our nation.  Greg was engaging through telling his story and connecting to the audience, finding time to connect to the students and community members, both gay and straight.  Greg's delivery of the lecture was more of a conversation amongst friends than an authoritative approach.  We had nearly 200 people in attendance with a great mix of students, staff/faculty, and community.

    - Scott Powell

    Director of Student Activities and Campus Housing

    Northern Central Michigan College, Petoskey, MI

    • Over the years, we have hosted several LGBT speakers here in Laramie, but Greg certainly stands out from the crowd.  His story-telling presentation style was quite refreshing and kept the audience interested.  It felt like a conversation instead of a lecture, making many feel more welcome and willing to interact with Greg.  He blended together powerful stories of his own experience with current facts, legislation, and politics.  He is informative, touching and approachable.  He is engaging and dynamic, using multimedia to enliven his presentation.  Above all, Greg is unflinchingly human, and this comes across so clearly as he speaks.  He doesn't talk to the audience, he talks with them.

    - Jim Osborn

    Assistant to the Associate VP for Diversity

    University of Wyoming.

    • Greg Baird was a dynamic speaker that engaged our students on campus.  While discussing & celebrating diversity, acceptance and community, Greg told personal stories with a touch of comedic humor that our students definitely could relate to.  He shared his experiences and students briefly had a chance to walk in his shoes.  Students understood that change comes from speaking up and not keeping quiet about the injustices that occur.

    - Isaiah Collier
    Assistant Director
    Multicultural Student Services
    Bradley University